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Prioritising Patients

We have introduced the option to stratify any of your searches, which means the app will colour code your searches from very high risk to low risk patients.

That way you can target the most high risk first patients first or allocate specific risk level patients to a particular clinician.

Risk Score

Consider NHS Health Checks. In a typical practice 30% of the population may be eligible for a health check. There is simply not enough resource to invite them all.


Our ‘Population Stratification’ function will quickly show which patients should be addressed first.

So how have we done this?

By adding 3 key datasets, each calculating a risk level score for every patient.

You can select all 3 for an overarching risk score or choose the one most appropriate for the criteria of your search.

1. Population Health Management (PHM)

These factors include:

Does the patient smoke?

What’s their BMI score?

Do they suffer from depression?

Is there a family history of IHD?

Do they suffer from depression?

2. ONS Deprivation

The deprivation deciles are visible within all searches for overall deprivation in the ‘small area’ the patient lives in as well as health deprivation.

3. UCL Partners

Widely used across the NHS, their baseline risk calculations can also be adopted within any search and takes into account a patient's underlying conditions.

More info about their work can be found here

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