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Contacting Patients

Contact patients through PatientChase in several ways.

Generate letters, send SMS or emails and export lists for telephoning. You choose.

Message templates are designed and stored within the app and can be customised however you wish and messages are personalised to the patient.

Your choice

Flexibility in how you contact patients is key which is why you have a choice of methods.


Simple and instant.

PatientChase has the NHSMail gateway built into it which means that you can use your practice’s generic email address to bulk message patients directly from your search results.


These can then be bulk coded into EMIS as having been contacted by SMS. Codes go into EMIS for every condition the patient has been invited for review.

If you have a preferred 3rd party SMS provider then the search results can be exported straight to Excel for import into their product.


Powerful and informative.

Again using the inbuilt NHSMail gateway, send emails securely to patients that can be simple and instructive as well as detailed.


Our algorithms can automatically personalise each email to the patient and list the conditions they need a review for, who they need to be booked in with and the bloods they may need.


Email templates are fully customisable.


Informative and responsive.

This traditional form of contacting patients ensures high response rates from the elderly, many of whom of course comprise a practice’s disease registers.

Mail merging in one go, our algorithms will personalise each letter so patients know what they are being invited in for and letter templates are fully customisable.

Always consider keeping the mailing costs down by using a hybrid mailing service.

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