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Filtering Patients

A key feature of PatientChase is it’s ability to divide lists into manageable sizes and to filter out those who’ve been seen.

It can implement call/recall by month of birth, QOF, ‘chronic disease review done’ codes or any combination of these and also highlight housebound or care home patients so that they can be managed separately.

Every practice is different

We will help and advise you on the very best way to target your patients.


We look at how your clinical team is structured, what your recall demands are then show you how to manage this workload in the most automated way.

Let PatientChase do the hard work for you

However you use PatientChase you end up with a very concise cohort of patients each time, meaning that you do not invite patients unnecessarily nor waste valuable clinic slots.

Avoid missing patients

Follow up lists are also handled easily as the data is always up to date.

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