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New Feature - Risk stratification of chronic disease patients, including co-morbidities

UCL Partners

We have incorporated the tools supplied by UCL Partners ( to enable risk stratification of your patients directly through PatientChase.

PatientChase will colour code patients based on their level of risk and as such these patients can be targeted differently, beit with the information they are sent or the clinician they are directed to.

This will not only ensure they receive the right level of care, but also prevent any inappropriate workload being directed to GPs.

Using our co-morbidy approach, we have added a new dimension to risk stratification by taking into account all the conditions a patient may have, even where you may have not included those conditions in your search.

For example, a diabetic patient may be risk stratified as low risk in diabetes alone, but higher risk if they have other conditions.

PatientChase will overlay the risk levels within your chronic disease searches.

The guide for overlaying risk levels in your searches can be found here


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