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New Feature - Population Health Management (PHM) data added - Part 2

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Population Health Management stratification

This feature follows on from our blog about deprivation scoring your searches and the UCLP Risk Stratification scoring also available which was previously blogged about.

In a further enhancement, you can now stratify across all your practice population by adding the following factors to your searches.

This will colour code and sort your search results by those deemed very high risk down to those who are low risk, thereby enabling you to prioritise patients.

To load these PHM factors into PatientChase, please ensure that you are running the latest version of PatientChase, as depicted by the green tick.

You will then need to run the following reports in EMIS’ Population Reporting from our 'PatientChaseSearches folder' and export them to your chosen location.

- Advanced Searches - Bame - Depression A guide on doing this can be found here

Should you wish to combine these with the UCLP Risk Stratification weightings then additionally you will need to load this data as per the guide found here

Once you have synchronised PatientChase with EMIS, build your search and select the ‘Population Stratification’ box near the bottom right of the main screen to colour code your patients.


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