Upgrading/replacing your computer? If so, read on.

27th Mar 2017

If your IT support is replacing your PC or carrying out major work on it, please note the following to ensure that PatientChase can be reinstalled with all your current settings.

This will save you a lot of of time.

Your IT support needs to ensure that the entire Patientchaseweb folder is restored/copied over onto the PC after they have conducted their work. This folder stores all your searches and other settings.

Please instruct them to locate this in the first instance in C drive>Programdata>Patientchaseweb. If the Patientchaseweb folder is nor located here, then they should look to find it directly off the C drive.

Once the Patientchaseweb folder has been copied over to the rebuilt/new computer, please contact us and we will quickly reinstall PatientChase with all your settings intact.

0845 4025161


The most useful and user friendly software that I have encountered in over 30 years of working with management systems.

Cheryl Barton, Data Manager – Bramblys Grange Medical Practice, Hampshire

I am so glad that we as a practice have purchased PatientChase – it has completely revamped our recall system, has been invaluable during flu recall season and more importantly shows us where the ‘holes’ are when we get to near the end of the QoF year. Many thanks!

Jackie Hogg, Clinical Data Manager – The Baffins Surgery, Portsmouth

PatientChase is an excellent product of which I think as soon as you purchase it you will ask yourself ‘how ever did I cope without it?!

Rachel Mardlin, Health Informatics Facilitator – Sheffield University Health

This product will make my QOF staff member’s job so much simpler and is a quarter of a QOF point for me

GP, Newcastle

This is exactly what we’ve been looking for

PM, Cambridge

PatientChase is extremely user friendly and the support provided by PatientChase has been excellent

Practice Administrator, Otley

By using PatientChase, what would normally have taken half a day has just taken 10 minutes!

GP QOF Lead, North Wales

We use PatientChase and find it invaluable, it saves a lot of time and helps us organise our work effectively

Sue Careswell, Leckhampton Surgery

As a practice we have relied upon PatientChase to streamline our patient recall system for several years now. I consider this an essential tool

Karen Walsh, Chilcote Surgery

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