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Child Immunisations

Managing child imms using PatientChase

It is imperative that young children have a series of vaccinations from birth but motherhood can be exhausting and as a result vaccinations are often missed. This is particularly prevalent for Year 1 vaccinations. Missed vaccinations also mean lost income for the GP practice.

Knowing which vaccinations are missing for each child is a complicated and time consuming process of cross-referencing the many individual vaccination searches in EMIS.

It is easy to target parents for all the vaccinations their child needs from birth using PatientChase’s Search Builder. This may not be part of your remit, but it will be someone else’s in the practice so pass this on!

The full set of child immunisations can be displayed in the Search Builder.

This means that you can select as many immunisation targets as required in one search and then instantly produce a mail merge listing on each letter exactly which immunisations each child needs. Or you can instantly text or email the parents asking them to make an appointment.


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