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Can I have PatientChase installed on more than one computer?

Can I install PatientChase myself?

How do I find patients who need to be sent reminders?

Can I merge my EMIS Enhanced Services searches or ANY other EMIS searches with PatientChase searches?

Can I add appointment dates and times to my recall letters?

Can I use PatientChase to contact my flu patients?

Can I Read code into EMIS those patients who have been successfully contacted via text message?

Can I use PatientChase to contact patients via diary dates in EMIS?

Can I share the searches I’ve created with other people using PatientChase?

What are all the default merge fields that I can use in my template/s?

Can I change the ‘look ahead’ period that is set in PatientChase?

Select Patients

Select patients across any range of recall data using EMIS

Keep Connected

Connect with patients via letters, texts, prescription labels or emails

Record & Audit

Automatically record viewable attachments in EMIS

Save Money

PatientChase saves practises over £1 per pateint each year.