The Simple Ways of Connecting Patients to Practices

PatientChase is the most comprehensive, automated and easiest to use patient recall software in primary care.

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What Is PatientChase?

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PatientChase is an EMIS Web accredited partner product that simplifies and automates all aspects of patient recall, enabling a practice to identify patients, communicate with them and audit all the contact made with them. PatientChase helps practices save money, improve efficiency and ultimately improve the quality of care provided to patients. It will call in patients the least number of times necessary, providing greater convenience to them and also educate patients about their conditions - whilst helping to improve surgery access.

Select Patients

Select patients across any range of recall data using EMIS

Keep Connected

Connect with patients via letters, texts, prescription labels or emails

Record & Audit

Automatically record viewable attachments in EMIS

Save Money

PatientChase saves practises over £1 per pateint each year.

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22nd Feb 2018

Patch update

A new patch has been released. The update will automatically run when PatientChase is opened. Changes from the previous version are: Fixed issue when trying to enter large batches of letters into EMIS. Any letters that fail to insert are identified, enabling you to reinsert them...

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26th Apr 2017

How to make sure the ‘Look Ahead’ setting is correct in PatientChase

Now the new contract year is upon us it’s worth checking that the Look Ahead period is correctly set. This determines the data PatientChase pulls from ‘GP Contract’ in EMIS when you click the ‘EMIS Sync’ button in PatientChase. You must do this for EACH PC...

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26th Apr 2017

Update – EMIS Sync with GP Contract 2017/8

GP Contract 2017/8 in the Population Reporting module of EMIS has now been updated by EMIS which means PatientChase is now able to ‘EMIS Sync’ for the new financial year. This is where PatientChase pulls it’s data from when you click the ‘EMIS Sync’...

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3rd Apr 2017

Beginning of Financial Year

GP Contract data turns off for the 1st 2 weeks in April with EMIS. This is reflected in PatientChase. If you run a sync you may get this message for the next 2 weeks. You will be able to send letters for existing searches but are unable to create new searches or edit existing...

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