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Call and recall all in one app

A watertight and methodical system that spreads your workload evenly throughout the year.

Helping 100s of practices since 2006

PatientChase enables EMIS practices to achieve the best call/recall system.

It is an EMIS accredited app that helps practices and PCNs automate many of the processes involved in finding, prioritising, contacting and coding their patients.

It's so flexible that it handles any call/recall requirements and gives you a choice of how to contact the patients.


Coding invites back into EMIS is also automatic.

Feature Rich

More than just a bundle of searches or communication tool, PatientChase handles everything saving your practice a huge amount of time and well over £1 per patient per year:

  • Much less admin time identifying, contacting and coding patients

  • Ensures clinics are as efficient as possible by improving surgery access

  • Co-morbidity searches at it’s heart mean patients are contacted the fewest times necessary, streamlining contact between the practice and surgery

  • Informative messaging means better communication between the practice and patients.

Our Searches

From QOF to child immunisations, PatientChase handles a wide range of call/recall criteria.

Use the app to handle more than just chronic disease populations.


Filtering patients

A key feature of PatientChase is it’s ability to divide lists into manageable sizes and to filter out those patients who’ve been seen.

It can implement call/recall by month of birth, QOF, ‘chronic disease review done’ codes or any combination of these.


Housebound and care home patients are also highlighted so that they can be managed separately.

Prioritising patients

We have introduced the option to stratify any of your searches, which means the app will colour code your searches from very high risk to low risk patients.

That way you can target the most high risk first patients first or allocate specific risk level patients to a particular clinician.


It may be deemed necessary that the highest risk patients are directed to a GP for example.


Contacting patients

Contact patients through PatientChase in several ways.

Generate letters, send SMS or emails and pull up lists for telephoning. You choose.

Message templates are designed and stored within the app and can be customised however you wish and messages are personalised to the patient.

Coding into EMIS

All the communication you make with patients through PatientChase is batch coded back into EMIS at a detailed level giving practice staff a clear indication why they have been invited in.


Data Security

Protecting practice and patient data is crucial and we conform to the standards expected in the NHS.

Patient data never leaves the surgery environment.

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